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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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Fee for Indian clients is Rs 1500/- only and can be paid via a Card to card or Net banking function. Contact me on my WhatsApp number at +91 9464359929 via a msg ONLY for more information.

Match-Making and Couple Compatibility Report is worth Rs 2500/


Otherwise, All you have to do is make a transaction of the Option Concerned and email me with your Query and Option selected below at using the subject line "DE Consultations"

Option 1: (a) Detailed analysis and Results of Retrograde Planets in your Chart.
(b) Detailed Report on Marriage, Love -life and Relationships Advice.
(c) Career report with best suited careers in the present Dashas.
(d) Health Report with Health advice.
(e) Future Predictions for the Coming Year.
(f) Any 2 Questions with remedies.

In all of the above i will send you 1) A PDF Report containing your birth chart and all relevant information. This pdf will contain all your reports an, charts, combination as per vedic astrology. 2 You will get an Audio mp3 recording from me explaining you all your planetory combinations, with answers to your queries or predictions on your area of interest and suggested remedies that best suit you. & 3) You will get a discussion session cum consultation from me either over a phone call, or skype or a Hangout whichever suits you where you can clarify any doubts that you have or any additional questions that you wish to clarify. :)

Option 2: (a) Full consultation with all your Charts, Planetary Combinations, Yogas, Balas, Dashas and Other Reports. Here too You will get an mp3 audio file along with all this where i explain everything to you in a detailed manner along with the the pdf report and the Hangout session.

                 (b) Any 3 Questions with remedies

Option 3:  Match Making and Couple Compatibility Report based on Gana Koot Milan, Moon Placement, Dashas and Many other factors. 

Option 4: (a) Full Family Charting and Reports with mp3 audio consultation of upto 4 family members.

Option 5:  Option 4 + Google hangout /Skype Consultation session for all family members (individualized).

Option 6:  6 Monthly Payment. Any number of Consultations or Queries in a duration of 6 months to a maximum of 24 consultations, 15 Queries and 6 one to one hangouts.

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